Tuesday, October 10

Welcoming the Other in Central Ohio


7:30 p.m.

Jim Keady, #WagingPeace
Heiland Theatre, Boyd Cultural Arts Center, Free Event

In the same way that soldiers in the U.S. Armed Forces gear up and wage war, so must social justice warriors gear up and wage peace. Jim Keady shares his experience of going to Greece to help with the Muslim refugee crisis. In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, Keady observed with great concern as the xenophobic/Islamophobic rhetoric ratcheted up to a fever pitch. He watched as average citizens and Presidential candidates raged about the evils of Islam and their belief that all Muslims want to kill us. As the rhetoric pivoted hard toward Muslim refugees, they were suddenly being depicted as the enemy! That is when he felt he had to go to Greece to help in any way he could. Keady challenges each of us to search for the humanity in those we fear and perceive as "other."