A Space to Celebrate Peace Heroes and Their Stories

“War will exist until that distant day when the conscientious objector enjoys the same reputation and prestige that the warrior does today.”

—John F. Kennedy

For centuries, people have used stories to impart values, teach life lessons, and present role models worthy of emulation.

At the Dayton International Peace Museum, storytelling is the medium and peace heroes are the focus. The Museum is dedicated to gathering, preserving, and telling the stories of peace heroes. Whether legendary or unsung, peace heroes demonstrate compassion for others, a desire to effect positive change, courage to speak out and/or take nonviolent action, and a willingness to assume the risks associated with taking a stand.

Whether on site, online, or on the streets of Dayton, the Museum brings the stories of peace heroes to life.

Museum volunteers are transforming the Peace Heroes Room on the second floor into a multimedia, interactive exhibit space devoted to well-known peace heroes such as Mahatma Gandhi and to those lesser known such as Ted Studebaker (a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War) and Sister Dorothy Stang (a human rights and environmental activist). The Invent Peace Laboratory on the third floor provides space for conducting digital interviews of everyday people who have accomplished extraordinary things through the power of love and nonviolence. The stories shared in the Peace Heroes Room and collected in the Invent Peace Laboratory will be available to wider audiences on the Museum website.  

A major event for the Museum is its annual peace walk. The walk is a family friendly, team event. It is currently a collaboration between the 21st Century Peace Literacy Foundation and the Dayton International Peace Museum, both located in Dayton, Ohio. It has been endorsed by the Rotary Club of Dayton and the mayor of Dayton, a Mayors for Peace city since 2007. The walk was inspired by the first Peace Heroes Walk held May 2, 2015, in Dayton. The inaugural event brought together more than 700 people of diverse ages, races, and faith traditions to celebrate their role models of peace and inspire a new generation of peace leaders.


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