ZENSday: Free Meditation & Yoga!

Every Wednesday: Meditation at 5:15, Yoga at 6pm

Meditation, understood properly, is a process to create a meditative state. Once this meditative state is achieved, where there is serenity, calmness and peace we are able to manifest the intrinsic goodness of our heart. This expression of our heart’s goodness makes peace more dynamic and life-affirming, and, in its wake, brings unity and harmony to this world. Kamlesh Patel

Photo by  Xevi Casanovas  on  Unsplash

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Natural Path Meditation Center 3153 Lantz Rd, Beavercreek, OH 45432

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Zumba & Yoga with Kay Fitness

Kenaesha (Kay) Edwards is an AFAA Certified Group Exercise Instructor who has led Zumba classes for three years in Dayton, Ohio. In seeking to expand her own fitness journey, Kay began taking Yoga classes and recently completed YogaFit training to, also, share her passion for Yoga with others. Prior to becoming a Group Exercise Instructor, Kay embarked upon her own fitness and improved health journey, which has led to a 175-pound weight loss. Through her experience, Kay learned that maintaining overall health and well-being is a continuous, lifelong journey and developed a passion to support and encourage others in their fitness journeys. In each of her classes, Kay strives to ensure a judgment-free atmosphere so that each of her students feels welcomed and accepted, recalling the challenges she encountered when initially beginning fitness classes.