Summer Camp is June 19-23

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The Dayton International Peace Museum's Summer Peace Camp is in its 9th year. Each year the theme and focus are on peace-building skills our campers can apply not only during Peace Camp but in their daily lives.

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The groups rotate among the 4 different areas: Lesson Time, Snack and Story Time, Cooperative Games and Activities, and Craft Time. Each of these areas is coordinated and led by 2 lead teachers. All teachers and mentors are volunteers who have experience in the DIPM Peace Camp and in what it means to practice peace.

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The age range for the 2017 Peace Camp is age 4 through 6th grade. Campers are divided into age groups with a minimum of 2 mentors (high school/college student) leading each group.

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We teach peacebuilding skills which emphasize compassionate listening, being kind, and using language and activities that provide opportunities to practice peace every day with the understanding that we all make mistakes. What is most important is that we learn from those mistakes!