Local artists Beth Holyoke, left, and Kaethi Seidl spent most of February in a refugee camp in northern Greece.. (Photo by Diane Chiddister, courtesy of the Yellow Springs News).)

Building Peace: August 27, 2pm

Children's Rights & Immigration at the US/Mexican Border

Building Peace is an on-going Museum series featuring compelling films, outstanding live music, or a special speaker on local to international topics.  Lively discussions follow and are encouraged.  

Usually held on Sunday afternoons, Building Peace is all about how to make the world a better place.

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 Kathy Rowell, Professor of Sociology at Sinclair Community College, will discuss the often disturbing story of Children's Rights and Immigration at the US/Mexican border. This topic affects us even in the Miami Valley and is a human rights tragedy in the making, especially as dramatic increases in deportations and talk of building a border wall between Mexico and the United States becomes a reality.  A film and discussion will be included.  

Interesting ideas for the Building Peace series are welcome.  Please contact Kathy Rowell at Katherine.Rowell@sinclair.edu for more information.

August 27, 2pm at the Museum