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The first “Voyage of the Phoenix” is the story of how one family on a carefree pleasure cruise became socially conscious activists. Created by Wilmington College Students, the exhibit is a story of transformation. During their trip around the world the Reynolds family became aware and opposed to racial inequality, global inequality, and nuclear testing. Barbara Reynolds eventually founded the Peace Resource Center at Wilmington College. This is an exhibit you’ll want to see and remember.


The Voyage of the Phoenix is on exhibit now in the central exhibit space at the Museum

The exhibit focuses on the 1958 peaceful protest by the family sailing into the Pacific nuclear testing zone to protest the use of nuclear weapons and the unknown dangers of radiation on people and the environment. The exhibit features original artifacts, photographs, and manuscripts from the trip.


The Ship

The Phoenix of Hiroshima was a 50-foot, 30-ton yacht that circumnavigated the globe and was later involved in several famous protest voyages.

Between its launch in 1954 and its sinking in 2010, the Phoenix carried a family around the world, was used to make protest voyages against nuclear weapons, was declared a Japanese national shrine, and ended up offered free on Craigslist, gutted and stripped of masts, phoenix figurehead and every identifying mark but the words "Phoenix of Hiroshima." (Wikipedia)