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The Dayton International Peace Museum

208 W. Monument Ave.
Dayton, Ohio 45402

Phone: 937/227.3223


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Welcome to America’s only peace museum! Please fill out the quick form below to learn about our upcoming events, summer camp, new exhibits, receptions, contests, music and movies before we release information to the pubic. We do not share your information with anyone.

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The Dayton International Peace Museum is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. 

The Dayton International Peace Museum was recently awarded the Silver Medal and Seal of Transparency by The independent reporting agency is the world's largest source of information about nonprofit organizations. GuideStar rates non-profits on their reliability in reporting legal and tax information, board of trustee data, diversity of boards, communication, statistics on donor giving and financial stability.


Building Request

Building Request

Museum Facility & Staff Request

The Museum makes the 1865 Second Empire Mansion House and Holbrooke Hall available to various groups on a regular and a one-time use basis. The Museum is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization primarily staffed by volunteers and dependent on donations to maintain the facilities, pay utilities, taxes, and maintaining a 154 year old house.

To protect the Museum’s long and short term future, we ask for a donation for the building’s use and to make sure we have the staff available to make your visit is safe and successful. A staff member is required to be on site nearby during the entire event to help in the event of an emergency or to help in any way.

As a policy, the Museum asks that outside organization refrain from using one-time use plastic items like water bottles, plastic cups, styrofoam of any kind, forks, spoons, etc. The Museum offers reusable items free of charge that can be washed and used again as well as safe drinking water and a refrigerator and freezer for your use.

The cost for use of the Museum facilities will depend on the needs of the requesting organization and the time involved and specific use of museum facilities and staff members. Clean up, including removing trash, separating recyclables and returning borrowed items is the responsibility of the group requesting to use the building.

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208 W. Monument Ave.
Dayton, Ohio 45402

Phone (937) 227.3223

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Hours of Operation

The Museum is open Wednesday through Sunday,

 1 pm - 5 pm

The Museum Is free but a suggested donation

of $8 per person is requested and appreciated.



Hours of Operation

The Museum is open Wednesday through Sunday,

 1 pm - 5 pm

The Museum Is free but a suggested donation

of $8 per person is requested and appreciated.




A Space to Make Peace:

A Brief History of America’s Only Peace Museum

“It isn’t enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it.”

— Eleanor Roosevelt

People cannot be expected to end disputes peacefully if they have never learned nonviolent alternatives. Yet, few places exist for the sole purpose of teaching people—especially children—nonviolent approaches to conflict resolution.  A peace museum fills this void.

Founded in 2004, the Dayton International Peace Museum raises awareness of nonviolent strategies for achieving peace now and in the future. The Dayton International Peace Museum was founded by J. Frederick Arment, Ralph and Christine Dull, Steve Fryburg and Lisa Wolters.  It honors the 1995 Dayton Peace Accords that ended war in Bosnia. Its mission is to inspire a local, national, and international culture of peace.

Located in downtown Dayton, the Museum is housed in the Isaac Pollack House, a three-story structure built in 1865 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Incorporated in Ohio in 2004, the Museum is a 501(3)c organization and relies on volunteers and private donors for its support. The Museum is a member of the International Network of Museums for Peace, which has members in 27 countries, including Germany, Iran, Japan, Kenya, and South Africa.

More About "A Space to Make Peace:"

Issac Pollack House, 1867, home of the Dayton International Peace Museum

TIPS Photos Slideshow

TIPS=Teens Inventing Peaceful Solutions. Any Miami Valley teen can join.

TIPS Photos Slideshow

TIPS=Teens Inventing Peaceful Solutions. Any Miami Valley teen can join.


Teens Inventing Peaceful Solutions (TIPS) is a group of young people (7th-12th grade) who meet at the Dayton International Peace Museum. 

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Peace Hero Stories

Peace Hero Stories

Learn more about Dayton Peace Hero Sister Dorthy Stang and peace advocate Ted Studebaker in the documentary film, The Ted Studebaker Story and other Peace Heroes here and also featured in the Peace Heroes Room at the Dayton International Peace Museum.

Volunteer Info

"The death of the forest is the end of our life."

Sister Dorthy Stang, advocate for the rainforests of the world

Volunteer Info

"The death of the forest is the end of our life."

Sister Dorthy Stang, advocate for the rainforests of the world






The Board of Trustees and Museum Staff

Dr. Katherine Rowell, CHAIR, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology, Sinclair Community College.

Dr. Mary Ramey, VICE-CHAIR, Psychologist (Ret.)

Lonnie Franks, TREASURER Director of Engineering, NCR (Ret.)

Dr. Eeman Dajani, Pediatric dentist.

Dr. Tanya Maus, SECRETARY, Director of the Wilmington College Peace Resource Center.

Darsheel Kaur, Activist.

Jacob Bauer, Adjunct Philosophy Professor, Wright State University.

Charise Hairston, Conflict Intervention Specialist, Dayton Mediation Center.

Salma Albezreh, High School Student and co-founder of TIPS teen peace program.


Jane McEwen, Manager, Mentoring Collaborative of Montgomery County.

William Meers, DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR, Public & Cultural Affairs Specialist (Ret.)

Julie Hatton, FACILITIES MANAGER. Events Manager & Training Coordinator

Lesley Thomas, PEACE CAMP DIRECTOR, public school teacher.

Ira Morgan, Intern, Vanderbilt University

Mrin Dasgupta, Intern, Ohio University


The Volunteers and Board of Directors do not receive any compensation for their services attributed to the Dayton International Peace Museum.



Board Minutes

Board Minutes

Peace Museum Board of Trustees Minutes

April 10, 2019 Meeting


  • ●  Salma Albezreh.

  • ●  Jane McEwen

  • ●  Tanya Maus

  • ●  Mary Ramey

  • ●  Kathy Rowell

  • ●  Jacob Bauer

  • ●  Cherise Hairston

  • ●  Eeman Dajani

  • ●  Kanaeasha Edwards

  • ●  Lonnie Franks


    ❖ Minutes were approved.
    ❖ Financial Report: Lonnie Franks

    • ➢  Financial Condition continues to improve.

      • Charlotte’s note is down to 12,900.00.

      • The house may be undervalued. Charlie [?] has offered to purchase at .5

        million. Other lawyers are interested. There would be no problem selling

        the house.

    • ➢  Spring appeal is due. That will continue to bring in revenue. The development

      committee is in charge of the appeal.

    • ➢  We continue to have a positive cash flow.

    • ➢  $5,000.00 needs to be used for summer camp.

    • ➢  We need someone to tend to peace cranes.

    • ➢  If we were to raise $15,000.00 in the next appeal, then Lonnie recommends to

      pay off Charlotte Paugh.

    • ➢  We still need support with bookkeeping.

■ We could use the money paid to the bookkeeper for other things if we could identify a volunteer bookkeeper.

  • ➢  Upcoming expenses are the roof: 8,000-20,000.00 and parking lot: 6,000-8,000.00

  • ➢  Motion made and carried to approve the financial report.❖ Committees

    ➢ Elected Executive Committee at Large:

■ We need to identify someone on the board to serve as Executive Committee at Large.
● Executive Committee acts for the board when there is an emergency or a need for an urgent decision.

● The Executive Committee oversees the Executive Director: evaluates the Executive Director and hires Executive Director.

  • A motion was carried to elect Eeman Dajani as elected Executive Committee member at large.

  • Additional Committee Chairs: Jacob will chair Education and Darsheel will chair events.

    ➢ Committee Work: Kathy suggests a model of having committees meet prior to board meeting every other month. Committee meetings from 6-7 and Board meeting from 7:00-7:30.

  • There is a concern that spending less time on the board meeting every other month might detract from the work of the board. Perhaps we should use Trello more and spend our meetings fully on the board.

  • Perhaps we don’t have to have a board meeting every month. There doesn’t seem to be a strong need for minutes and financials.

● A monthly executive director’s report is important.
■ Resolved: Kathy will experiment next month. She will ask committees to meet prior to next month’s board meeting from roughly 6-7, followed by a 30-minute board meeting.

❖ Executive Director’s Report

  • ➢  Kevin is trying out Trello (

  • ➢  The museum did not get paired with a Chamber of Commerce

    representative/mentor. It seems they only want affluent organizations.

  • ➢  Kathy recently went to a conference about storytelling in Cincinnati. Met an

    organization, the Facing Project from Muncie, Indiana, that does show on NPR and focuses on storytelling. The charge is 1500.00. They will help you collect 150 stories on peace. They turn some of those stories into a play or monologue. The play is then told by an actor, and then they produce a book.

■ They just finished an opioids project in Cinci.

  • ➢  Tanya should connect Kevin with AASLH and OHLA.

  • ➢  Peace Camp: new tuition is 50.00 (formerly 30.00) to offset costs of a paid

    director. [Need to think about this for August]

  • ❖ Volunteers:

    ➢ Next volunteer social: April 27 at the same time as the reception.
    ■ We need to work on volunteers. Dennis’s departure has created a vacuum of volunteers.
    ■ Kevin would like board members to volunteer if at all possible to stayconnected.
    ■ Kay is finding that her full time work schedule doesn’t allow her to support the volunteers in the way they need to be. Kay can serve until September: she needs to step down.
    ■ Perhaps we need to get an intern who can stand in for that role.

● We probably have enough money to have an intern for 20/week for 15.00/hr.

  • ◆  Youth Build; Senior RSVP; Goodwill; Foster Grandparent; United Way Volunteer Connection: could be resources for volunteers.

  • ◆  Perhaps the internship could be to develop an internship program and be responsible for creating the structure.

  • ◆  Perhaps a teacher as a paid intern could fill this role of creating an internship program.

  • ➢  Museum software:

    • Salesforce was exceptionally expensive because it creates a custom program.

    • Veevart is a paid subscription already customized for museums.

      • ●  3000.00 start up. Then each subscription is 89.00/subscription. We probably need two.

      • ●  A recommendation was made to seek out reviews of Veevart.

      • ●  Motion made and seconded to approve the purchase of Veevart.

  • ➢  Exhibits:

■ Peace Accord Update: Hard Deadline is October 1 because a group of students from Bosnia will be coming in October 2019. November 21, 2019 is the 25th anniversary of the Peace Accords.

  • ●  We should probably reach out to Keith Doubt at Wittenberg University for his input.

  • ●  Will include children’s book, teaching units.

  • ●  Will reach out to exhibits committee and events committee.

  • ●  We should connect with Arch Grieve, who is organizing the

    Bosnian students to coordinate.

➢ Security during KKK Rally:

■ A police officer will visit the museum to talk about security and coverage during the KKK rally on May 25, 2019,

  • ➢  INMP: Would like to have the 2023 Convention in Dayton, Ohio.

  • ➢  Are we still using WYSO and WDAO? We should use WDAO to underwrite because it is a much closer community.

❖ For the Good of the Order:

  • ➢  Dayton Mediation Center Annual Fundraiser

  • ➢  Day of the Western Sunrise Film Viewing

  • ➢  Seeds of Peace (let’s get connected).

  • ➢  Peace Dayton (100 organizations coordinating activities for the month of September).