Teens Inventing Peaceful Solutions (TIPS)

through the creative power of nonviolent imagination and action.

 We are seeking teachers and mentors for TIPS, a pilot program of the Dayton International Peace Museum.  Young people, ages 12-18, will meet at the museum for 2-hour sessions in 6-8 week cycles.  These sessions will be complemented by explorations in the community and a yearly intensive peace camp. 

Our goal is to establish a safe context in which persons from diverse backgrounds can come together as a supportive community to explore the history and philosophy of nonviolence and develop the skills and strategies to respond creatively and effectively to needs they see in their worlds.  These young peace builders will define problems and plan projects that further justice and peace.  Adult teachers and activists will act as facilitators, mentors and resource persons, offering well-grounded curricula materials and their own experience as a basis for interactive training in nonviolence.   

If you have questions or would like to talk further about possible involvement in TIPS, please contact:

Jan Futrell


or 859-986-6636.


Nonviolence is a Powerful Force In a Troubled World

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