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We carry many misconceptions about each other, which lead us to judgment and intolerance. Thus the Labyrinth attempts to calm our fears and present a diversity of perspectives, , as well as a peaceful environment in which to learn.
— Janet Bear McTavosh


Imagine walking through a labyrinth, lined with quilts that tell you about 17 of the world's major faiths and philosophical traditions.  As you walk through the labyrinth, you become aware that the central message is "The Golden Rule" or the "Law of Reciprocity,"  instructing us to treat others as we would have them treat us.  The exhibition ends with a quilt that depicts quilted portraits of 15 "Peace Heroes," including Nobel Peace Prize Laureates.

Avivid dream inspired Janet Bear McTavish to create this series of  colorful - and educational - quilts.  Ms. McTavish, who is from Minnesota, has been creating pictorial and art quilts since 1988 and has won many national and international awards.

In creating the panels, every effort was made to employ a variety of visual experiences for people of all ages and interests, including many different quilting and embellishment techniques.  More than 62 people helped in the creation of this ambitious series, either by contributing financially or by helping to quilt panels, sew blocks, add sleeves and bindings or donating fabric.

Click play below to see an interview with Janet McTavish about "Quilting the Golden Rule."