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Peace docent shifts are normally in 4.5 hour blocks beginning at 12:30 pm - 5 pm, Wednesday through Sunday. Other volunteer opportunities on Monday and Tuesday can also be scheduled when the Museum is closed to the public. Please indicate your preference(s).
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The Museum is made up of dozens of volunteers, all committed to the ideals of peace. The Peace Docent Application below can be downloaded, printed, and resent as a pdf, dropped off in person, or mailed to the museum. Thank you!

We are looking for Peace Docents to provide museum tours and help schedule groups.  We provide the training and a positive, peaceful and playful environment for a rich volunteer experience.

Each day that the Museum is open volunteers help staff the museum.  The Docent Team will set the tone of openhearted welcome, peace and safety and facilitate each visitor’s rich experience.

The position of Peace Docent requires that the volunteer have the ability to relate well with persons of all ages and to share the museum’s stories of nonviolent alternatives to violence and conflict. Each docent must have a commitment to building a culture of peace with justice. From their experience of the daily encounters at the museum, docents will bring valuable insights to all of the Dayton International Peace Museum’s working teams. We will also invite each docent to suggest and seek out possible team members and ask that they consider which groups they may invite to tour the museum.

Peace Docents will:

  • Work a regular schedule arranged with the Peace Docent Coordinator, using our Volgistics software to sign in and out as they work their shifts.
  • Arrive on time and stay until their shift is over, taking a 30-minute break for lunch, and other breaks as necessary and possible.
  • Fulfill training for the Docent program, including an initial training, ongoing conversations with the Museum Director and the Peace Docent Coordinator, and monthly meetings (lasting up to one-and-a-half hours) that will include ongoing training and a chance for docents to offer input.
  • Agree to and pass a background check that is intended to assure museum volunteers and visitors that we provide a safe environment for all, most especially for our children.
  • Take responsibility for seeking a substitute from among the trained docents if they must be absent from a shift.
  • Dress neatly in appropriate attire for a representative of the museum (no religious or political slogans please) and wear their identifying nametags.
  • Regularly familiarize themselves with museum contents and exhibits and make use of information and talking points that will be provided.
  • Participate in inviting groups to tour the museum.

Duties of each docent team will include:

  • Opening the museum.
  • Greeting and getting to know visitors.
  • Inviting visitors to sign in and to consider volunteering or contributing to the museum.
  • Giving tours and “talking story”.
  • Answering questions.
  • Listening deeply as visitors share bits of their own stories and ponder ideas raised by their museum experience.
  • Orienting children to the children’s room and assisting the parents with children’s engagement with the activities there while parents tour the museum.

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Answering the phone.
  • Reminding volunteers who are in the museum to sign in and out using Volgistics.
  • Maintaining the neatness and cleanliness of the museum.
  • Restock supplies.
  • Generally being aware of what is working and what challenges or dilemmas arise
  • in the museum’s daily work for peace.

Dayton International Peace Museum, Phone: 937-227-3223